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Midwest offers defined programs for Registration and Performance which meet the needs of most clients. In some cases the customer can best be served by customized consulting services. There are no boundaries (other than our ability) to the nature of the consulting engagement, provided we agree with the client on the scope of the activities.

As may be expected, unusual customer needs are often best met with a custom tailored program. Multi-plant organizations, multiple simultaneous registrations (ISO 9000 and ISO 14000), organizations facing threat of registration suspension, customer quality problems, integrating management systems (quality, environmental, financial, health and safety, human resources), and many other customer-specific situations frequently are best suited to consulting arrangements.

The key to satisfaction in consulting is the clear definition of the scope of work to be performed by Midwest. This includes the goal of the effort (deliverables), the internal resources available, a time frame, and the Midwest resources to be applied. A mechanism for feedback and adjustment of the scope is essential to react to the discoveries and evolution of the project.

Consulting quotations are based on the documented scope and are either lump-sum or time and materials, depending on the preference of the client. So if you have an interesting situation which may require a special approach and service, contact us to start the process!

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