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Packaging and Labeling Workshop

It’s a crying shame to wreck your good effort with a tiny label error. All the work you put into developing your production processes and manufacturing is lost because your product wasn’t correctly packed or labeled. The things which go wrong after you have finished your production and before the product is used spoil your efforts. The Midwest Quality Packaging and Labeling Workshop will guide your team to identify and eliminate the things which go wrong between your product release and your customer’s installation or initial use.

These include:

• Dirty, rusted, damaged products.

• Not, incorrectly, or incompletely identified.

• Bad, incomplete, or mixed products in the package.

• Poor product packing: location, quantity, dunnage.

• Wrong or incomplete packaging materials.

• Wrong or broken labeling supplies or equipment

• Wrong or incomplete container labeling.

• Not scan-able barcode on the product or the container

• Wrong pallet packing or labeling.

• Wrong EDI or ASN.

• Wrong packaging or shipment method resulting in damage in transit.

• Products are hard to remove from the packaging, leading to damage

The Midwest Packaging and Labeling workshop engages your Team to review your activities and adopt techniques which prevent the errors from happening. And once they know for one product, they will be able to apply it to all.

The 8 hour workshop includes:

• Review of your analysis of what has gone wrong in the past year, including a guestimate of what these errors cost you.

• Go out on the shop floor seeing and understanding your product flow from production to the shipping dock. This results in a detailed flow chart of the post-production operations. Special attention is paid to the abnormal cases such as rushed orders, incomplete lots, rework.

• Do a risk analysis based on the flow chart, pFMEA format is preferred. This allows prioritization of the potential problems.

• Brainstorm and identify corrective actions to address the high risks. Midwest knows a large number of proven mistake-proofing techniques.

• Revise your Flow Chart, Control Plan and identify which Work Instructions need revised

• Develop a detailed plan to implement the changes.

Midwest will follow-up with conference calls at 30, 60, and 90 days to confirm that the plan was implemented and that the workshop resulted in changes, and that the results show an improvement.

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