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Midwest Quality's trend-setting Focused Registration program is an extremely effective audit-proven 100 day program which guides your organization to registration.  We have hundreds of satisfied clients who know it works because they are now compliant with standards that once challenged or discouraged them. In fact, our system has never failed. The reason is not magic but effective Midwest Quality professionals combined with the right approach, project management, training, and leadership.

Implementation leads to registration to the standard of your choice, and the NIST Global Standards Program (National Institute of Standards and Technology) site has some good information.  The The Registration Accreditation Board  provides additional insight, as does the American National Standards Institute, ANSI online.  For ISO/TS information, look to the IAOB.

The Midwest approach to registration is two phased:

1. Describe what you do now in the format of the selected standard, and add only what is essential to be registered. This is Focused Registration. Most locations which can routinely ship material which is not returned have good basic systems, but when people examine systems to document them, they often see opportunities to improve. It is the Midwest recommendation to keep the systems (which have been working for years) for a few more months, so that there are no additional changes to implement just before the registration audit. This approach significantly reduces the risk of over-compliance, i.e., when a procedure is implemented which is not required by the standard and does nothing to benefit the company.

2. As soon as the quality system fully complies with the requirements of the standard, the location aggressively begins to improve their system throughout the organization, and to see improvement in the related results. Improvements are implemented only because they will clearly benefit the organization: the issue of compliance was settled by registration. The implementation team members keep track of their improvement ideas while they prepare, and after registration begin an orderly process of improving performance, which continues forever. The implementation team becomes the Performance team.

For more information, or to find out how we can help your organization get registered, contact us.